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  MARKO A. KOVAČIČ The Story of a Museum

For a long time, I've been fascinated by my grandad's passion for collecting. He lived in a small cottage, with a wood-shed beside it, and every year he added a new wood-shed. In them, my grandad stored all kinds of objects he found and believed he'd definitely need one day. As a child, I used to enthusiastically explore these little museums of non-functional objects.

The political turnaround from socialism to democratic capitalism made it necessary to settle accounts with regard to object-symbols of the former period. We are constantly facing the fact that, in the past, we lived in illusions, and that currently, in a world of changed values, we can not always find our way. I thought that I had to react to this situation. Therefore I wanted to clear the wood-shed of my artistic past. My position is not a nostalgic one, but I am aware that, emotionally and spiritually, I am caught in the universe of my youth. I feel that objects from this unrecoverable past belong to me even more, for they represent the past to which the present no longer refers. They have acquired the status of my personal relics, since they reflect my ideas and a period which I shall never be able to experience in the same way again. My museum amalgamates personal mythologies and ideologies from my youth, and the inherited museum inclination, the strategy of storing discarded objects (some of these relics are already 10 or 15 years old). I select objects which provoke associations within me, I store them. Only after a certain period do these found objects turn into works of art. In most cases I modulate these found objects; they are like a materialised diary which is not being written in ink on paper, in a notebook, but with objects themselves, and with interventions thereupon. Sometimes these interventions happen at once, sometimes only after a period of time. The objects are built into my imagination like stones in a mosaic.

Edited by Nadja Zgonik
(M'ARS, Magazine of the Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Vol. V/ No. 3,4, 1993)